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What is EIV? 

The Energy Investment Village is Green Energy Africa Summit’s exciting deal pitching event for clean tech starts ups and Africa’s energy projects to battle it out in a high-octane lion’s-den-type pitching event.

Taking place on 11 October 2023 at the Green Energy Africa Summit at the CTICC2, don't miss out on joining this one of a kind experience.


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Meet the 2023 Energy Investment Village finalists

We are delighted to introduce you to the 10 finalists of the EIV, a prestigious platform that brings together innovative energy projects from across Africa. These outstanding finalists have been selected based on their groundbreaking initiatives, which aim to revolutionize the energy landscape and promote sustainable development in Africa. Let's explore the remarkable projects that made it to the final stage:

Pioneers in sustainable heating solutions, utilizing innovative technologies for efficient energy consumption.

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Visionaries in renewable energy systems, specializing in energy efficiency and solar power across the African continent.

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Experts in developing and operating environmentally friendly power plants, focused on reducing carbon emissions.

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Innovators in energy storage, offering scalable and cost-effective solutions for optimizing power distribution.

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Trailblazers in clean cooking solutions, providing efficient and clean-burning stoves for households and communities.

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Leaders in waste-to-energy conversion, turning organic waste into renewable resources while mitigating environmental impact.

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Pioneers of a decentralized energy management system, enabling communities to generate, store, and share renewable energy.

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Innovators in sustainable urban transportation, designing and manufacturing electric bicycles for eco-conscious commuters.

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Visionaries in electric mobility, offering cutting-edge electric vehicles with a focus on performance, affordability, and sustainability.

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Experts in water treatment technologies, providing sustainable solutions for clean and accessible water in resource-challenged regions.

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Get to know our finalists!

Engage with these visionary entrepreneurs and experts who will demonstrate how their projects are addressing the energy challenges of the continent. From scalable solutions for rural communities to innovative grid technologies, the EIV finalists promise to inspire, educate, and shape a greener future for Africa. Join us in celebrating their remarkable achievements and be part of the sustainable energy revolution!


Get your company in front of future investors

Calling all African clean tech start-ups and energy projects. Do you have what it takes to pitch before a panel of judges and room full of potential investors? If you have what it takes, we’re looking for you!


Are you a start up?

As a start-up, you’ll be in the early stage of rolling out your clean tech project.

At the minimum you will have a prototype that has been tested in the relevant environment. You have a team and business experience.

At the other end of the scale, you’re still in the early stages and you need funding to further scale your operational business. Either way you’re solving for a cleaner, sustainable future for South Africa and Africa. We want to hear from you!

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Are you a large scale energy project?

As a large-scale energy project, you’ll be a viable African infrastructure project (between 20 and 100 megawatts) requiring finance to get your project off the ground.

You will have passed feasibility studies, permitting and municipal buy in; have offtake agreements and know how many megawatts you’ll be putting into the grid.

You’re solving for a cleaner, sustainable future for South Africa and Africa. We want to hear from you!

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Become a partner

Is your company or organisation a forward thinker in the arena of clean energy alternatives? Are you committed to facilitating the emergence and expansion of Africa’s clean energy start-ups or energy infrastructure projects? Do you support solutions that demonstrate innovative problem-solving for Africa’s energy future? If so, the Energy Investment Village is looking for you!

We are on the look out for strategic partnerships that share our vision. With your support, the Energy Investment Village’s commitment to giving Africa’s innovative clean tech start-ups and energy projects access to global investors.

To find out more please contact: [email protected]

Meet the 2022 Energy Investment Village finalists

Reshaping blades to generate peak power in operation, by changing shape to drastically decrease storm loadings.

Aims to build and develop a Hydrogen Production infrastructure and to deliver clean renewable energy projects in different provinces in South Africa.

The first and only EV charging app available in the app stores in South Africa - connects people, their cars, and charging stations.

Developers of Kite Fuel Ship technology, a ship-based mobile wind power plant, to harvest wind energy on the open ocean, far from land.

The first green hydrogen producer in South Africa.

Developers of a wave energy pump that uses wave energy to pressurise and pump seawater for the purposes of seawater desalination and electrical power production.

Producers of biofuels from algae.

Developers of a unique double-sided solar slats that keep on generating energy even when shaded. It uses only high-efficiency SunPower solar cells and could yield up to 80% compared to rooftop solar energy.






Developers of an extensive and financially viable project for the production of GH2 and GNH3.

Meta Technologies




Meta Technologies developed a consumer friendly device to measure air quality.​

The EIV pitching competition provided us with fantastic exposure, networking opportunities, and vital market validation for our approach to our upcoming fundraising initiatives.
Matthew Brail Co-Founder, Brayfoil Technologies
Platforms such as the EIV are critical to the growth of start-ups as it presents an opportunity to access investors and also get feedback on your business model. Getting the opportunity to be part of the JSE Acceleration Programme opens up a big market for us and access to potential clients and investors to help grow our business.
Michael Maas CEO, Zimi
It was a tremendous opportunity to participate in the EIV Pitching event. The relationships and exchanges I had with so many diverse people - from many organisations, nations, and spheres of society who were united in their desire to advance green energy has encouraged and motivated me for the future.
Katlego Makena Managing Director, Hydrofuels


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