Green Energy Africa Summit is now AOW: Investing in African Energy

07−11 October 2024 10/07/2024 10:00:00 10/11/2024 16:00:00 Green Energy Africa Summit Green Energy Africa Summit CTICC2, CTICC2, Cape Town - South Africa Africa/Johannesburg
CTICC2, Cape Town


We are now AOW: Investing in African Energy

The Green Energy Africa Summit (GEAS) is integrating into AOW: Investing in African Energy, to become the only event to provide a complete and inclusive view of the energy opportunities across Africa. The combined expertise of GEAS into AOW's rich 30-year legacy, will create an impactful platform for industry leaders, government officials, investors, project developers, technology providers, and service companies to address Africa’s energy needs through renewables integration, responsible exploration and gas monetisation.


Why are we changing?

The integration of GEAS into AOW is driven by a strategic commitment to address Africa's energy challenges comprehensively., It’s a step towards addressing the immediate energy needs of the continent while developing future-proof energy systems that embrace the clean energy transition. With three decades of expertise, AOW has been at the forefront of innovation, driving progress in the African energy landscape. As we merge with AOW, anticipate a broader scope, deeper insights, and a more impactful approach to addressing the future of energy in Africa.


What’s changing?

GEAS is no longer a stand-alone event with its own ticket and times. Instead, the green energy transition will form a key pillar of AOW, with the themes ‘Sustainable development of the upstream’ and ‘Integration of renewables and new energies’ set to be prominent within the content agenda. In addition to this, the Energy Investment Village, a key feature of GEAS will return in 2024.

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