Energy Executives to confer on renewable energy's role in resolving Africa's energy p

Energy industry leaders in executive roles will convene at the Green Energy Africa Summit 2023 to deliberate on how renewable energy can contribute to alleviating energy poverty in Africa

Considering Africa’s undisputed renewable energy potential, this year’s edition of the Green Energy Africa Summit will feature an Energy Leaders Session dedicated to sharing new perspectives and solutions on the role of clean energy in increasing access to modern energy.

The session will take place on 10 October 2023 at CTICC2 in Cape Town and welcome leading African and global leaders from the private sector, including:
  • Dr. Ainojie Alexander Irune, President, Oando Clean Energy (OCEL)
  • Thabo Molekoa, Chairman and Managing Director, Siemens Energy Southern and Eastern Africa
  • Zaher Ibrahim, Vice President, EMEA, Baker Hughes
  • Adonis Pouroulis, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Chariot

In light of Africa’s persistent energy poverty, private sector executives at the Green Energy Africa Summit will seek to share thoughts on key drivers of energy access and investment. Key among them is the bankability of projects on the continent, especially when it comes to new and innovative technologies such as electric mobility and hydrogen. Oando Clean Energy for instance has started a pilot programme to introduce electric buses in Lagos, Africa’s largest megalopolis; while Chariot is developing plans to produce some 1.2 MT of green hydrogen by 2030 from countries like Mauritania.

The role of technology and the need to invest in research & development will feature prominently within the debate, especially from globally recognized solutions providers like Baker Hughes and Siemens Energy, both involved in the energy transition. As an example, Siemens Energy is providing turbines that can blend up to 70% hydrogen for Mozambique’s biggest under-construction gas-to-power plants, while Baker Hughes is heavily involved in the decarbonization of the oil & gas value chain on the continent.

To put forward pragmatic answers to Africa’s energy poverty dilemma, participants will focus on solutions that incorporate all aspects of modern energy, including reliability, affordability, and sustainability. Regionalisation is also going to be a core topic of discussion to explore the potential of better energy trade and cooperation amongst African nations.

The Green Energy Africa Summit 2023 will take place at CTICC2 in Cape Town on October 10th-11th, 2023. For more information on the programme or to register today, click here.