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Green Energy Africa Summit is delighted to invite South African clean energy tech entrepreneurs and start-ups to submit their projects for potential inclusion in an exciting pitching event.

The pitching event, known as the Energy Investment Village, is a one-day, parallel session to Green Energy Africa Summit.

At the Energy Investment Village, on 5 October at the CITCC2, a group of qualifying, pre-selected clean energy tech entrepreneurs and start-ups will each take to the stage for a maximum of 15 minutes, to present their projects to a group of highly influential investors. Collectively, these investors manage investments worth more than USD100bn.  

Green Energy Africa Project Catapult 2022, In Partnership with AfIDA

09.50 Chairman Welcome: Mr Vivek Mittal, CEO, Africa Infrastructure Development Association (“AfIDA”)


Wanergy Waste to Energy Project, Republic ofKenya

Developer Name : Wanergy Limited

Project synopsis : Waste to Energy Project in Kenya- Promoting Productive use of Biogas We are developing and promoting the Productive Use of Renewable Energy in partnership with our industrial sector by converting 150,000tonnes of Municipal Solid Waste per year into a biofuel to provide electricity and heat for production purposes while at the same time reducing GHG emissions equivalent to 122,622Tco2eq. The €30M Biogas plant will provide a sustainable disposal solution to a town 37kms away from Nairobi City, provide approximately 60 jobs and support the agricultural sector with organic fertilizer that will help Kenya achieve food security thereby developing a circular economy around this project. We are seeking € 500,000 to develop the project to bankability and additional funding of €29.5M to construct and commission the project.

Project Name : Wanergy Waste to Energy, Nairobi

Investment Value : $500,000 initial feasibility finance with a projected $39.5m USD Project investment

Website :

Investment value. : € 500,000 project development capital and € 29.5 m construction debt and equity.


Buwangani 6mw Micro Hydro Project, Republic of Uganda

Developer Name : Kwanza Infrastructure Group

Speaker name : Herbert Wakaabu

Project synopsis : A proposed small hydropower project located in Eastern Uganda, East Africa to be developed along river Manafwa

Project Name : Buwangani Hydro

Investment Value : $6m USD

Website :


Buffalo Energy 80MW solar PV project, Republic of Zambia

Developer Name : Buffalo Energy

Speaker Name : Charlie Troughton

Project synopsis :  Buffalo Energy, African Power Projects (APP) and O&K Energy are collaborating on the development of five grid-connected renewable energy projects in Zambia totalling over 420MW of installed capacity. All have proven technical and economic feasibility. We are based in Lusaka and are staffed by a group of experienced developers of energy and infrastructure projects in Africa and Europe. Together we are creating a new vehicle to fund the equity rights they have in these projects, with an equity investment USD 100m required.

Project Name : Buffalo Tera Sun Solar Project

Investment Value : $100m USD

Website :


South Africa 50MW embedded generation Solar, 69MW Wind Asset, 140MW wind asset

Developer Name : Energy Now

Speaker Name : Stuart MacWilliam  & Raoul Gamsu

Project synopsis : EnergyNow is a South African green energy utility. We will generate power at our 500MW of wind and solar farms, wheel the power across the grid, and sell it on short term contracts to 200-300 industrial customers. We are raising R400m equity for our first 50MW solar plant.

Project Name : Energy Now South Africa

Investment Value : $20m USD


Solar Republic of Zambia

Developer Name : Allpro Green Energy Limited

Speaker name : Bill Mfula

Project synopsis : At Allpro Green Energy Limited we aim to create transformational change for a cleaner future by delivering world-class solar PV projects and smart energy solutions across Zambia. We are developing two 50MW grid connected solar PV projects to the national grid. We require development capital of US$ 800,000 to undertake detailed technical and economic feasibility studies and designs

Project Name : Allpro Green Solar

Investment Value : $800,000 USD project development capital and $ 50 m construction debt and equity

Website :


300Mw, Republic of Namibia

Developer Name : Natura Energy, Republic of Namibia

Speaker Name : Jennifer Stride

Project synopsis : Natura Energy develops power generation projects that anticipate tomorrow’s market needs. Our 80MW TeraSun Energy solar PV + storage project, developed with Globeleq Africa Limited that targets the SAPP market, and our two early stage 300MW solar sites in Namibia, illustrate this vision being offered to potential financial investors.

Project Name :  Natura Energy Solar

Website :


Green Energy Africa Summit Energy Investment Village in partnership with Saldanha Bay IDZ and RIIS

The Energy Investment Village is a joint venture between Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone, RIIS, and Green Energy Africa Summit to directly support South African business in accessing international finance for project development. We have carefully created a programme of companies who are at development and prototype phase (or ahead) and require finance partners to develop their energy projects in South Africa. This platform moves Green Energy Africa Summit from the traditional concept of an event and moves it into a true transaction platform. Our mission, to drive social change through global finance in Southern African energy development

13.30 Energy Investment Village Welcome
Mrs Kaashifah Beukes, CEO, Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone

Keren Energy Hydrogen

Developer Name : Keren Energy

Speaker : Weyers van Rensburg

Project synopsis : Keren Energy is the first green hydrogen producer in South Africa. Their Proof-of-Concept plant is completed and running in Vredendal, Western Cape. They have started the feasibility study on their commercial plant in VanRhynsdorp, Western Cape. The Proof-of-Concept site has a 100kW photovoltaic solar system installed and this renewable energy will be used as the primary energy to produce green hydrogen.

Investment Amount : $3.375m USD

Website :



SeaH4 Biofuels

Developer Name : SeaH4

Speaker : Johannes Bochdalofsky

Project synopsis : SeaH4 will produce biofuels from algae, using three well established technologies: farming of algae, biogas production, gas processing. Their bio-LNG will leverage existing fossil fuel infrastructure. Initially producing bioLNG as bunker fuel for the maritime sector and harnessing the team's combined 60 years of experience in this sector. Long term they can produce biodiesel and SAFs.

Investment Amount : $675,000 USD

Website :


HydroFuels Hydrogen

Developer Name : HydroFuels

Speaker : Katlego Makena

Project synopsis : HydroFuels Solutions aims to build and develop a Hydrogen Production infrastructure and to deliver clean renewable energy projects in different provinces in South Africa. The Plasma Waste Gasification is one of the innovative technologies that can and will mainly produce green Hydrogen, green Methanol, green Kerosene and Electricity from biogenic sources as well as waste feedstock.

Investment Amount : $3.375m USD


Impact Free Water Wave Energy

Developer Name : Impact Free Water

Speaker : Neil Parker

Project synopsis : Impact Free–Water has developed a wave energy reverse osmosis pump (WEROP) that uses wave energy to pressurise and pump seawater for the purposes of seawater desalination and electrical power production. Based on the client needs, the configuration of the implementation allows for a focus on fresh water, high volume sea water, or electricity. Once installed, the only input required is the sea itself, and other than for an annual service, or any shore-based value add services, there are no costs.

Investment Amount : $75,000 USD

Website :


Slidluvre Solar

Developer Name : Slideluvre

Speaker : Marlene Badenhorst

Project synopsis : SlideLuvre has developed a unique double-sided solar slat that keep on generating energy even when shaded. It uses only high-efficiency SunPower solar cells and could yield up to 80% compared to rooftop solar energy. The double-sided solar slats are also of significant benefit in reducing peak daily and seasonal demand loads and could be used in tandem with rooftop solar to improve early morning & late afternoon generation profiles.

Investment Amount : $3.4m USD

Website :


Brayfoil Turbine Technology

Developer Name : Brayfoil

Speaker : Matthew Bray

Project synopsis : Brayfoil Technologies designs blades that can generate peak power in operation, by changing shape to drastically decrease storm loadings, thereby increasing the device lifespan, and drastically decreasing the cost of the components and support structures. The patented technology can be built into large wind turbine blades to reduce unnecessary loads, enabling larger, more efficient, more reliable, and cheaper-per-MW devices.

Investment Amount : $3.4m USD

Website :


PWK Waste Management and Recycling

Developer Name : PWK Waste Management

Speaker : Susan Kone

Project synopsis : PWK Waste Management and Recycling provides efficient and cost effective solution to waste management streams services as well as hazardous waste, through the collecting of recyclable waste from both commercial and domestic entities. Currently working on the recycling of used oil from the informal motor mechanics in the Vhembe District, Limpopo.

Investment Amount : $70,000 USD


Oceanergy offshore wind power

Developer Name : Oceanergy Pty

Speaker : Tim van der Steene

Project synopsis : Oceanergy has developed the Kite Fuel Ship technology, a ship-based mobile wind power plant, to harvest wind energy on the open ocean, far from land. Smartly navigated, according to the wind forecast, they find a permanent and strong wind, resulting in a multitude of power and energy to harvest. The Kite Gas/Fuel Ship is an RES (renewable energy source), with integrated H2 conversion and storage, and logistics unit feed-in to H2 terminals, alternatively LNG or ammonia-terminals. Calculations show that the Kite Gas/Fuel Ship can harvest up to 160 times more wind power per annum than a land-based wind turbine.

Investment Amount : $3.4m USD

Website :


Atlanthia GH2 and GNH3

Developer Name : Atlanthia Pty

Speaker : Fergus Feltman

Project synopsis : Atlanthia has developed an extensive and financially viable project for the production of GH2 and GNH3 to be located in the Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone (SBIDZ). Solar, wind and battery storage (BESS) will supply electricity to the hydrogen electrolysis (20MW), desalination, air separation and green ammonia forming processes, via the production of GH2 and green nitrogen. Their pre-feasibility study completed in 2021 indicated economic viability for export and favorable local conditions for the adoption of GH2/GNH3 in South Africa's hard-to-abate clean fuels and chemicals sectors

Investment Amount : $3.4m USD

Website :


Zimi Charge electric vehicle Charging

Developer Name : Zimi Charge Pty

Speaker : Michael Maas

Project synopsis : Zimi Charge enables drivers to access e-mobility as a viable option for their daily commute, as well as for delivery networks looking to transition to electric fleets. They are the first and only EV charging app available in the app stores in South Africa. Charge your car at any Zimi charging station on the network with a single app. Charge your car with 100% renewable energy procured from energy trading partners. It is 10X faster than home charging, and costs more than 40% less than filling up with fuel.

Investment Amount : $70,000 USD

Website :


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