Mlibo Yokwe

Project Manager HydroFuels

for applying his knowledge to accelerate transformation for planetary sustainability. 

As a graduate of the Cape Peninsula University of Cape Town's Chemical Engineering program, he quickly understood the importance of being adaptable and dynamic in the face of a constantly shifting global economy. As a result, he set out to earn a certificate in financial management through the University of Cape Town (GetSmarter) and is now looking forward to pursuing an MBA degree and participating in internationally recognized energy programmes. 

Having spent three years in the food and beverage sector and two years in the automotive industry, Mlibo sets himself apart by utilizing his in-depth knowledge and expertise by focusing on crucial core elements that ensure a business's performance, boost its revenue, and uphold customers' satisfaction. He wants to be a cornerstone of the new community where we will all eventually live because he thinks that everyone can profit from a greener future. 

A more sustainable future in which greenhouse gas emissions have decreased to near zero, renewable energy is a widely recognized phenomena and a future in which the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement's sustainable development goals have been met. In this society, people will be living off the grid and industrial factories are self-sustaining. Diesel fuelling stations will be replaced with hydrogen fuelling stations, and carbon credits will become a regularly traded commodity. This is where plasma gasification and other technologies may be able to take us if they are fully investigated, carefully quantified, financially supported, and adopted as a potential for the future. 

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