Greenline Africa

Greenline Africa
Greenline Africa together with Solarus Smart Energy Solutions are innovative partners working together to be now, and in the future, the most efficient sustainable hybrid energy solution. Together we provide a wide range of industries with our renewable hot water and electricity solution, which create both huge financial as well as sustainability benefits. 
Our solution performs very well in industries who have a constant need for hot water, as our system harvests up to 89% of the sun to convert into direct usable hot water (thermal energy) and electricity.  Industries like ; Hotels, Wellness and Spa’s, Sportclubs, Distilleries, Meat and Dairy industry, Mining but also for Care centres, Hospitals and Apartment blocks with a centralized hot water system.
We bring a perfect harmony within the 6 P’s:
Purpose, People and Planet on the one hand and Process, Product and Profit on the other.

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